Get Documents Signed.
Anywhere. At any time.
Choose the E-Signature Solution Based on Open PDF Standards
and True Digital Signatures. Deploy On-Premises or in the Cloud.
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Trusted by Leading Banks, Insurers, Telecoms, Government Agencies and many more

By using our vendor neutral e-signature solutions, our clients are:

  • Conducting business securely and efficiently — anytime, anywhere
  • Drastically reducing contract turnaround times
  • Saving millions on printing, postage and filing costs

Control Every Step of
the Signing Process

  • Define every step in the signing process
  • Position signature fields
  • Define the necessity of attachments
  • Define required / optional fields
  • And much more ...
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Get Documents Signed
In-Person on Mobile Devices

  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Once a document is available in the app, you no longer need an Internet connection you can sign offline.
  • Multiple documents can be preloaded into the app
  • You can switch between documents offline and finish them on the go
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Use Pen Displays for
E-Signing and Advertising

  • Simultaneous customer and employee input interactions will not interfere with each other
  • A separate “preview” window allows the employee to see what is happening on the customer screen and assist if necessary
  • When idle, the customer screen automatically switches into “advertising mode” and displays predefined advertising slides or clips
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Capture Signatures on
Signature Pads

  • SIGNificant is hardware independent and can be used with a wide variety of signature capturing devices
  • There is no need to select just a single type of device or vendor: you can combine different devices to craft a well rounded solution for your needs
  • The signature is always securely bound to a unique document
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Transform Your Smartphone
Into a Signature Pad

  • You can review documents or complete form fields and add attachments on any computer and use your smartphone as a signature-capturing device
  • When you are ready to sign a document a secure communication between the smartphone and the host computer is established
  • A native app turns a smartphone into a signature-capturing device
  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows
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Send Documents for E-Signing

  • You simply upload a document, add the names and email addresses of the signers, place tags in the document where the signatures are required, and then hit send.
  • Signers get an email with a link to your document
  • Document is loaded in the web browser on any device; no downloads, sign-up, or installations needed
  • Recipients review, complete fields, and sign instantly with a mouse or stylus, click-2-sign, or by typing their names
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Use Certificate-Based Signatures

  • Flexibility to use the digital certificate provider of your choice (smart card, USB token, software certificate)
  • HSM integration for secure server-side management of personal certificates
  • Configurable signature imprint
  • No local installation needed
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Verify a Captured Signature

  • Authenticates a signature against stored signature samples in real-time
  • With each authentication, the system continues to learn and fine-tune the signature samples
  • The system is able to track gradual shifts in the handwritten signature over time
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No Vendor Lock-in

  • No proprietary e-signature technology: SIGNificant is based on the open PDF standards and true digital signatures
  • All signatures and their cryptographic information are embedded into the signed PDF
  • Biometric signatures can be exported according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007 standard for biometric signature exchange, providing full vendor independence of the signed documents.
  • You don't need to come to the xyzmo website, to check the validity of documents
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Keep Business Digital to Drive Maximum Value and ROI

  • Digital transformation is becoming a hot topic for companies across the globe
  • CFO: "This is the biggest and fastest ROI investment I have ever seen"
    • Annual return on investment above 500%
    • Less than two months payback period for the project
  • CEO: "This has been a complete game-changer for my business…"
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