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IconUK is the sole UK distributor for Namirial’s leading e-signature suite in the British Isles. We supply Namirial software, services, associated hardware devices and digital assets, together with complementary solution components to our clients and partners. We do this through a mix of direct and channel partner relationships. Our goal is to support client organisations to become fully digitally enabled with efficient ‘straight-through’ workflows with embedded identity management.

How did we get here?
We saw that there are not only huge inefficiencies in the way that individual document systems are often run, but that large organisations are incredibly wasteful when it comes to ‘mundane’ document matters. Most UK organisations cannot identify the life-cycle costs of creating, producing, distributing, signing and storing documents – so it’s no surprise that most have no idea that 90% savings are often possible.

But, as repeated surveys (e.g. AIIM) have identified, approximately half of all remaining paper in organisations is due to the need to capture handwritten signatures. This is perceived, incorrectly, to mean wet ink on paper signatures. Legislative and regulatory changes mean that in the large majority of cases, different forms of electronic signing are acceptable. We sought to provide the best possible e-signing options to our clients.

Having conducted reviews of all e-signature providers, IconUK can assure prospective clients that Namirial technology facilitates secure, legally robust and easy to use digital signing capabilities more comprehensively than any other e-signing provider for organisations that demand high levels of control with excellent user experience. In many senses, our solutions offer some of the virtual keys for enterprise digital transformation.

We not only provide best-of-breed functionally for e-signing and document centric Identity Management, but also for “Customer Communications Management” with icon Document Creation and Output Management software, and specialist hardware (e-signing pens and pads) from leading providers such as Wacom.

Use cases are as different as our customers across every market sector - with each implementation being tailored to provide competitive advantage. To do so we deploy multi-talented teams that can not only configure or implement technology, but firstly understand the customer and their users’ journeys – both current and future. Our high calibre team designs innovative application infrastructure solutions with analytics, biometric security and industrial scale ‘personalised automation’ for maximum impact.

Together with our Partners, we can today provide business and technical consulting, architecture, integration, implementation, support, data migration and information management services. At the heart of our e-Signing solutions are xyzmo-developed and Namirial enhanced technologies. Here is their story:

The history of Xyzmo, now Namirial Group


Namirial provides an omni-channel DTM solution throughout the European Union that allows its clients to conduct legally compliant business transactions, anywhere, anytime and on any device and help companies transitioning to fully digital processes.

The story of the companies involved is below:

Xyzmo formed from Trodat & WonderNet


In March 2006, Dr. Gerald Cäsar (xyzmo Software GmbH CEO) and some private investors bought 100% of Trosoft, a market leader for self-inking stamps, marking products and laser engraving. The name was changed to xyzmo in July 2006.

Partnering with the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, WonderNet investigated the nature of the human signature and developed mathematical methods to compare such electronic biometric signatures against pre-enrolled signature profiles. Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank and financial group, and WACOM Co. Ltd. Japan were early investors.

xyzmo acquires all IP rights from WonderNet

In February 2008, xyzmo bought all shares in SIGNificant Signature Solutions GmbH and the IP rights of WonderNet Ltd. (Penflow), including the most prominent technology for biometric signature authentication.


2014 – xyzmo expansion continues with IconUK


IconUK agrees to exclusively represent and resell xyzmo and SIGNificant in the UK. Over the next 2 years, over 2 million biometric signature profiles are created by DWP. Worldwide, xyzmo e-signed transactions increases to over 100M p.a.

2015: xyzmo and SIGNificant acquired by Namirial


In December 2015, Namirial SpA and SIGNificant Gmbh announced that they have entered an agreement under which Namirial Gmbh, a fully owned subsidiary of Namirial SpA, will acquire all assets of xyzmo Software Gmbh and SIGNificant Signature Solutions Gmbh. Claudio Gabellini and Enrico Giacomelli, founders and owners of Namirial, saw that Namirial’s strengths in cryptographic signing and role as a Certification Authority synergistically complements xyzmo biometric signing strengths. Gerald Cäsar continues as Managing Director of Namirial GmbH.

2016 and beyond: Full speed ahead

Trust Services like e-signature, registered e-mail, e-invoicing and digital archiving are supported for over 500,000 EU customers by the combination of CA services, Biometric Signatures, Sealing and Stamping, non-biometric HTML5 Signatures and more. Furthermore, from 1 July 2016 a new EU-wide Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) standardizes and promotes e-signature adoption across all EU countries.

The entire team is ready to assist you with automation of business processes to improve service and cost by fully digitizing such processes. Contact us through your local partner IconUK. Anywhere. Any time. On any device. 


The entire team is ready to assist you with automation of business processes to improve service and cost by fully digitizing such processes.

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