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IconUK was formed to bring global best-of-breed Document and Identity Management solutions to UK-centric organisations, exclusively combining leading products, services and best practices for documents, forms, identification, workflows and straight-through paperless interactions.

Whilst there are many ways of e-signing, IconUK, Clients, Partners and Analysts have all concluded that Namirial technology differs from industry competitors for the following principal reasons:

  1. No vendor lock-in | True technology neutrality: Long-term legal evidence is key when it comes to e-signatures. You need to have evidence that can't expire, and that requires a method of verification that's independent of the e-signature vendor. We do not try to force our standards on our clients. Instead we base our technologies on the most widely approved international open standards like the ISO PDF standard and true digital signatures, with no proprietary e-signature technology.

    All signatures and their cryptographic information are embedded in the signed PDF. You don't need to be a Namirial customer or to visit our website to check the validity of documents. This is fundamentally different than other, especially US-based, e-signature products on the market. There you depend on the vendor. Your e-signature is valid only as long as the vendor is in business — or as long as you keep paying them.

  2. No cloud lock-in: Some competitors focus solely on cloud deployments. You should not choose a vendor that only presents you with this option; It is not the only possible deployment method!

    There are still good reasons – data protection and residency issues are just some of the obvious examples – to deploy on-premises behind a firewall under your control, providing maximum control over data and systems. Our systems can be on-premises, hybrid-cloud or provided through a trusted secure local partner as part of a wider engagement.

  3. Handwritten signatures: The handwritten signature will be alive for many years and legal consent implications are well understood both by consumers and the legal profession. In the case of a dispute, it is one of the best indications of a signer’s intent to approve or be bound by a document. Consumers culturally understand that the act of signing by hand is ‘significant’ – and if all steps are within their control, intuitive and visible as if on paper, then courts support upholding this intent more strongly than almost any other method (particularly in non-US jurisdictions).

    A handwritten signature on a document is accepted world-wide as an indication of a legal or social contractual agreement. This will not change for a long time, especially when regulators or laws demand that in-person signing is required. For the past ten years we have focused on capturing forensically identifiable signatures and providing the most advanced signature analysis tool for forensic experts.

  4. Vendor-neutral support for signature pads and pen displays: Based on current technology, signature pads and pen displays provide the best signing experience, are more secure and are cheaper and easier to deploy large scale than general purpose devices such as iPads, for example. Only our products provide the capability to use not only almost all types of tablets, PC-hybrids, smartphones, etc. but also the capability for signature capture from a broad selection of manufacturers. We offer the widest ‘pick-and-mix’ choice of front end user devices which integrate with our single server back-end platform.

  5. We authenticate signers based on their signature: Automated Signature Verification is a security mechanism that is robust and easy to deploy for real-time authentication of signers. With the speed of a PIN transaction but greater security, our software uniquely identifies individuals from their enrolled signature. Our solution is proven by international contests and customers. Only the Namirial SIGNificant approach – based on dynamic self-learning profiles – really works with sufficient accuracy in the long run.

  6. Minimise the culture shock: There are many ways to move to paperless processing, document and identity auditability, or biometric verification. However, most demand behavioural and process change from both users and organisation. Our solutions minimise the number one cause of project failure and inertia, namely human resistance to change. Handwritten signatures and/or form completion are the closest upgrade to ink on paper possible. Our technologies are so advanced yet easy to use that many clients report not only straightforward roll-outs, but increases in end customers due to the positive reaction received.

  7. Bespoke competitive edge solutions: We do not simply provide technology. As Namirial’s local UK&I partner, our deep understanding of local legal, technical and business factors combine well with our client teams business knowledge to create not only step changes in efficiency but game changing advanced process workflows for the business. Result? Huge R.O.I.!

The entire team is ready to assist you with automation of business processes to improve service and cost by fully digitizing such processes.

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