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Becoming a digital enterprise is well within the reach of every company. Using e-signatures is one important element in improving how you engage with customers, partners, and employees. But to meet everyone’s needs, you’ll need the flexibility of offering e-signature capability through different channels (online, in-store, in-person, etc.) and different devices.

Our enterprise platform enables you to choose the best solution for every channel, business process, and department need, while still maintaining all the advantages of a homogeneous platform. For example, you can deploy native apps for your field agents, browser-based e-signing on signature pads for branch offices, and email documents for end customers to sign online on any web-enabled device. All of our e-signature solutions are built on the same core technology and can be easily integrated with each other. You will find the most important features across our platform. Many features are available server-based and alternatively as stand-alone products.


E-Signing on Signature Pads

  • Supports many different signature pads, interactive pen displays, tablet PCs, slate PCs, and payment terminals
  • Signing fields and logic — the basics of the signing process — are added to the document before it is signed by the customer
  • Available server-based for e-signing in the browser without any local installation and as a stand-alone product
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Advertising and E-Signing
on Pen Displays

  • Simultaneous customer and employee input interactions will no longer interfere with processing
  • A “preview” window can be activated on the employee screen, displaying what is happening on the second screen and allowing the employee to assist the customer if necessary
  • The second screen automatically switches into “advertising mode” and displays predefined advertising slides or clips
  • Available server-based and stand alone.
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Native Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Store

  • The apps allow you to work with your documents and form templates fully offline
  • You can even manage multiple documents and form templates offline 
  • Server synchronization automatically occurs in the background when internet connectivity is available
  • Available server-based
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Send a Document for Signature

  • Enables recipients to fill out and sign forms online using a mouse or stylus or "Click to Sign" or "Type to Sign" from any web-enabled device
  • Distributing the URL to the signers is all it takes
  • No need to download or sign up for anything
  • Automatically records and stores the details of each document's history
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Certificate-Based Signatures

  • Flexibility to use the digital certificate provider of your choice (smart card, USB token, software certificate)
  • HSM integration for secure server-side management of personal certificates
  • Configurable signature imprint
  • Available server-based and stand alone
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Smartphones as Signature-Capturing Devices

  • You can review documents or complete form fields and add attachments on any computer and use your smartphone as a signature-capturing device
  • When you are ready to sign a document a secure communication between the smartphone and the host computer is established
  • A native app turns a smartphone into a signature-capturing device
  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows
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Signature Verification
in Real Time

  • Signature verification authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real-time
  • Documents are only processed if their signers are authenticated and companies can prove who signed which document and when
  • With each authentication, the server continues to learn and fine-tune the user’s profile. This enables the system to track gradual shifts in the handwritten signature over time.
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Software Development Kits

  • With the consistent and uniform API developers can build reliable and speedy commercial applications that can view, e-sign, fill out, and print PDFs, regardless of ...
    • the operating system (e.g. Windows, Android, iOS, WinRT) or
    • the language/platform (.NET, JAVA, C/C++, Objective-C, Windows App Store)
  • SIGNificant SDK enables seamless integration with your existing applications and hides much of its complexity behind an elegant and easy-to-use API.

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