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Capturing the value of digital transformation will be important in most industries — and critical for survival in some. Especially organizations that offer virtual rather than physical products have a cost base largely focused on processing and servicing, making them highly susceptible to digital transformation. There will need to be a concerted focus on automating core activities to boost self-service and “straight through” transaction processing. Analysts predict that this market will top $30 billion by 2020. It's estimated that nearly three-quarters of large enterprises have digital transaction management initiatives underway.

E-Signing in Shop/Branch

Capture handwritten signatures on
signature pads, pen displays, and tablets

  • Flexibility to use and exchange signature devices of your choice
  • Use pen displays as a marketing channel (videos, pictures) when idle
  • Support for iPad, Android, and Windows RT tablets
  • Support for Citrix and Windows Terminal Services
  • Option to verify a signature in real time

Mobile Signing in the Field

Capture handwritten signatures on signature pads, smartphones, and tablets

  • Supports laptops equipped with signature pads or mobile devices based on iOS, Android, and Windows RT
  • Natural signing experience, like pen on paper
  • Browse and review multipage documents before e-signing them
  • Complete PDF forms on the go
  • Add scans of driver's license, passport, or any other photo
  • Works even offline

E-Signing within the Organization

Capture e-signatures from employees

  • E-sign online on any web-enabled device
  • Alternatively, use signature pads of your choice or use existing employee digital certificates (smart card, USB token, software certificate, HSM)
  • Available browser-based with no local installation

Send a Document for Signature to External Recipients

Recipients sign anywhere, on any device

  • Enable recipients to fill out and sign forms online using a mouse or stylus or "Click to Sign" or "Type to Sign" from any web-enabled device with no need to download or sign up for anything
  • Existing digital certificates can be used for e-signing
  • Alternatively, you supply them with an app that includes e-signing capability

Real-Time Customer and Employee Identification

Biometric verification based on a signature

  • The world's most complete, open and accurate real-time signature verification
  • Signature verification authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real-time
  • Transactions are only processed if their signers are authenticated
  • With each authentication, the server continues to learn and fine-tune the user’s profile

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