Transform Your Smartphone Into a Signature Pad

Typical Use Cases

  • To capture signatures on smartphones or tablets in-store, in a branch, or in the office
  • For field agents to get documents signed in person

Forensically Identifiable Signatures on Smartphones

  • A signature captured with SIGNificant is much more than just an electronic image of a digitized signature. We record - the handwritten signature of a person using all available parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. This makes the digitized signature forensically identifiable.
  • If there is a dispute about a captured signature, we offer an expert tool that forensically analyzes the biometric characteristics of the captured signature.
  • To make the signature forensically identifiable it has to be captured using a native pen or a stylus. Signing with the finger does typically not lead to forensically identifiable signatures.
  • We also provide a signature verification that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real-time.

How it Works

  • You can review documents or complete form fields and add attachments on any computer and use your smartphone as a signature-capturing device
  • When you are ready to sign a document a secure communication between the smartphone and the host computer is established
  • A native app turns a smartphone into a signature-capturing device
  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows
  • Bank-grade Security

    • The biometrical signature data is encrypted asymmetrically using a public key directly while the signature is being record.
    • The signature is always securely bound to a unique document.
    • To prevent sniffing of the captured biometric data encrypt the communication between the smartphone and the server.
    • We show the relevant part of the document as the background image on smartphones to provide a visual link between the signature and the document for the signer.
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    No Vendor Lock-In

    • SIGNificant is device-independent it can be used with a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers.
    • Some processes require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices.
    • SIGNificant addresses this issue with a modular architecture that enables the introduction of new devices by developing small device drivers that do not change the core solution itself. 
    • This solution ensures easy support and upgrades - even the complete exchange of devices with other vendors.
    • Biometric signatures can be exported according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007 standard for biometric signature exchange, providing full vendor independence of the signed documents.
    Sign On Phone

    SignOnPhone App

    Transforms your smartphone or tablet into a signaturepad

    To download the SignOnPhone App please click on the store link below. 

    IMPORTANT: This App works only in combination with other SIGNificant products. Please check to see if you use proper SIGNificant Software. If you do not, please do not install this app as it will not work.


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