Prepare and Share Documents for Signing

Typical Use Cases

  • Send documents to external recipients for signature
  • They sign anytime, anywhere, on any device

Sending and Signing is That Easy


With SignAnyWhere it's easy to get documents signed and close business on any device. The signer gets an email with a link to your document and signs on a smartphone, tablet, or any web browser without the need to download anything. You can have multiple signers and get them to sign in the order you need.

Sending is done with just a few clicks:
  • Start a new envelope (a container used to send one or more documents for signature)
  • Add documents
  • Add recipients
  • If you are uploading a PDF document with form fields, the fields are automatically detected
  • Place tags/markers in the document for signatures, attachments and other information
  • Add your subject and the message for the email
  • Set recipient options, reminders, expirations, and more
  • Send the envelope/document for signature
Signing is easy for the recipient:
  • Signers receive an email with a link to the document
  • They click the link
  • There is no need to download or sign up for anything
  • They may have to further authenticate themselves
  • They can review and print the document or complete form fields and add attachments
  • Whenever they are ready, they sign using a mouse or stylus or their smartphone or they "Click to sign" or "Type to sign" from any web-enabled device

Trusted Timestamp and Geolocation

  • You can integrate nearly any time-stamp service you want to proof the exact signature date and increase legal compliance.
  • In addition to the timestamp we embed the geolocation into the signature data if available.

Prove the Signer's Identity

  • Email-only authentication
  • Require recipients to enter an access code before they can view the documents
  • Leveraging trusted authentication models that you already have in place
  • Using social networking IDs like Facebook login
  • Sending an SMS with a one-time password to the signer’s mobile phone.
  • If your business demands it you can require signers to use a third-party digital certificate for signing.

Get a Detailed Audit Trail

The audit trail is a powerful tool that can prove who signed a document and when they signed it. Our Audittrail solution keeps track of the following events and more:

  • Emails and notifications sent
  • Signers consent to use e-signatures
  • User authentication provided
  • Pages viewed by each signer
  • Signature creation
  • Transaction completion
  • Document downloads
  • Cancellations


Tamper Evidence

  • Every time a signature is captured, a digital signature is also applied, which turns the document into a sealed PDF, making undetectable changes of the document content impossible.
  • This process makes documents tamper-evident not just at the end of the signing process, but from the moment the transaction starts.

True Digital Signatures

  • Our signatures are true digital signatures based on documented technical standards that aren’t proprietary to xyzmo.
  • SIGNificant-signed documents can be verified easily using free PDF reader software. There’s no need to go to our website for verification.

View Document History

  • By using true digital signatures we record a history of what each document looked like at the time it was signed.
  • The history is embedded into the document.
  • You can take a look at the embedded signature history within compliant PDF viewers, even if you're not connected to the internet. 
  • In this way, you can see exactly how the document looked when each signer signed.

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