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In principle we differentiate between alternative metrics on which we base our pricing on, based on your needs and business cases:

  1. Seat based pricing: A seat is defined as a signing station (e.g. a PC) where either SIGNificant is installed or the signing station has access (e.g. via the network) to SIGNificant installed on a server. The seat can be used by any number of signers for any number of documents. 
  2. Named user pricing: A named user is defined as a human being who is authorized to access SIGNificant  in order to use services such as "e-signing" regardless of the number of signing devices (e.g. mobile-/smartphone, signature pad, iPad, etc.) used by the named user and regardless of whether these named user is actively using the software products at any given time. 
  3. Document based pricing: All documents signed incur a per-document charge. Documents may be signed by any number of signers who may sign in any number of places (seats) on any number of devices. 
  4. Annual licenses (= with a yearly time limitation / billing cycle) are for an on-premises installation or Cloud deployment based on pay-up-front annual payments and entitles you to receive all product updates and support at no extra charge. The number of licenses can be increased at any time and can also be reduced at the end of each billing cycle. Licenses purchased within the billing cycle are charged on a pro rata and pay-up-front basis until the end of the billing cycle.
Signature verification pricing: If you use our signature verification capabilities, we charge an additional fee for the number of enrolled signature profiles measured centrally on the server(s).

With xyzmo you can choose the deployment method you prefer (SaaS or on-premises) without compromising on security or functionality. In the case of SaaS, we charge a monthly or annual fee, while in the case of on-premises you can also purchase the software licenses.

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Starting from (annual) £21


Starting from (annual)
£40 per seat or user

  • All applications and files are within your data center
  • You are not dependent on external systems or internet issues
  • Including support and all updates and upgrades
  • 7*24*365 premium support available


Starting from (annual)
£73 per seat or user

- alternatively -

per document - please ask for a quote

  • Applications are managed by xyzmo and/or icon UK
  • We deploy to robust infrastructure environments, including UK Government and PCI complient facilities and MS Azure
  • You can choose from different bespoke options

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